Daniel Santos


Daniel Santos, Barcelona

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Skype : danielsantos80
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-------- EDUCATION

2009-2011 History of Art U.N.E.D. Barcelona
1998-2004 Industrial Engineering U.N.E.D. Valencia & Universitat Politècnica,
2002-2008 Art Classes, Acadèmia d´Art, Valencia & CA San Lluch, Barcelona


-- ARMATURE STUDIO (freelance) 2011-12
Senior Artist

 - TBA tittle
 Main vehicle and prop artist for an important ip.
 High and low poly modelling and texturing

-- KYLOTONN GAMES (freelance) 2010-12
Character Artist

 - The Cursed Crusade
 - TBA tittle
 Main character artist, featuring all the playables and most of the important npc in the game-

-- CRATE ENTERTAINMENT (freelance) 2011
Character Artist

 - Grim Dawn
 Creature and character artist for this Diablo styled rpg. Zbrush sculpting of beasts and low poly integration.

Character Artist

 - Shadow Guardian
 Character Artist, Low and High poly.
 Creation of High poly textured models as a base for diferent low poly versions of main characters of the game.

Optimization of most characters in-game
Organic environment assets, statues.

-- FREEDOM FACTORY (freelance) 2009-12
Senior Artist

 - Young Justice Legacy
 Character modeling for this Warner Bross ip.

 - The Pit: Dog eat Dog
 Main character artist, from high poly sculpting to ingame resolution meshes and textures.

 - Baobab Planet
 Character artist for this cartoon styled game.

-- GRIN BARCELONA 2007-2009
Senior Artist

 Environment and props artist.
 In charge of cover system assets.
 Modeling and texturing, both low-poly and high-poly of level assets and environment sets.
 Art review of level builders work, level optimization for next-gen consoles versions.
 Xml editing for dynamic objects and asset properties.

 - Unreal Tournament 3 map pack
 Environment and props artist for a set of Unreal Engine 3 maps focused on Ageia´s physics card capabilities.
 Art reviews of levels.
 Modeling and texturing, both low-poly and high-poly.

-- AMC/PANDEMIC 2006-2007
Senior Artist

 - Mercenaries 2
 Vehicle artist for this outsourcing company working under Pandemic guidelines.
 Modeling and texturing, both low-poly and high-poly.

-- ENIGMA SP 2005-2006
Lead Vehicle Artist

 - War Leaders: Clash of nations
 Lead vehicle artist. Asset guidelines and prototypes creation.
 Main vehicle artist. In charge of all the military units in the game, correcting and fixing them to the game standards.
 Freelances coordination. Art team management, coordination and supervision.

Modeling and texturing, both low-poly and high-poly.

-- Shockwave Productions 2004
Senior Artist

 - Battle of Britain 2
 Aircraft cockpit modeler.
 Marketing artist, cover designer.
 Modeling and texturing.

-- Russian Rocket Games 2002-2008
Lead vehicle artist

 - Korea (working tittle)
 - Il-2 1946
 - Pacific Fighters
 Lead Artist for aircrafts.
 Main vehicle artist. Corrections and fixing for other artist´s assets.
 Modeling and texturing.
 2D Artist, backgrounds and menu scenes.

-------- SOFTWARE

Autodesk 3ds MAX
Autodesk Maya
Pixologic ZBrush 3
Autodesk Mudbox
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Painter
Maxon Bodypaint
Unreal Engine 3

-------- INTERESTS

Music, Jazz, Rock and guitar playing.
35mm Photography
Art history
Military history (mostly 20th century)
Literature (sci-fi, black novel, classics and films)
Videogames! FPS, strategy and simulators.

-------- LANGUAGES

Spanish, native.
English, high
German, medium
French, medium
Romanian, high
Catalonian, native